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Skydivers raise money for TAB

Ten of our more daredevil supporters, led by Lisa Sainsbury, recently jumped out of a plane for their very first skydive. Their bravery raised over £1,400 for TAB and we are very grateful to them all.

Paul Blair, one of the team reports,

“It was great and showed me there is more to life than doing old behaviours. It was a surreal moment at first, door open of the plane getting ready to jump, heart beating like mad but once I jumped what a BUZZ. I can say the best thing I have done in my life!“

Not content with the skydive several of this team are attempting an ice-cold swim in Hinksey Lake this New Year’s Eve, with four of them swimming a mile in water of 5-7 degrees with no wetsuits. Another four will be completing a mile as a relay. They are raising money jointly for TAB and another local charity the Didcot Boxing Academy.

Thank you and good luck from the TAB team!



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