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Confidentiality Statement

For young people

Our work with you is confidential between the service and yourself. We would only disclose information about you to other people outside of TAB if one of our team had serious concerns about yourself or your situation. If this was thought necessary it would be discussed with you first. We would not share any information with parents / guardian unless you requested us to do so. If you have any questions about confidentiality please ask one of our team.


For parents/professionals

 TAB work within the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) ethical framework and guidelines. In law children aged 16 and 17 are presumed to have capacity and be able to consent to or refuse treatment (counselling) in their own right.

At TAB clients aged 13-16 years can only consent to treatment (counselling) if they have sufficient understanding and intelligence to fully understand what is involved in counselling, including its purpose, nature, likely effects and risks, chances of success and availability of other options. (This is called Gillick competence). Evidence that valid consent to treatment has been obtained is recorded.

Counselling sessions are confidential between client and counsellor. A minority of clients like to involve their parents however this is down to each individual client.

If there are safeguarding concerns suggestive that the child is at risk of abuse, harm or neglect, information may need to be shared with parents or professional third parties without the consent of the child.


Pre and post counselling questionnaires are recorded.

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