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Training & educational workshops

Our team facilitate and deliver pioneering workshops and training sessions to schools and groups within the community. Some of the themes are:

  • SMART workshops (Enabling young people to become more digitally resilient) – These workshops are fun and interactive. The focus is on how prolonged social media use can impact our mental health and wellbeing. 


  • The Real Deal – this workshop focuses on the impact Drugs and Alcohol has on our wellbeing – it explores why young people use drugs and alcohol and how young people can learn to be resilient and not give in to peer pressure. These workshops are delivered by a highly experienced drugs worker who shares personal candid life testimonies. 


  • Unplugging our Minds – this workshop focuses on gaming and online gambling. So many young people become addicted or dependent on gaming. This workshop highlights the impact this has on mental health and explores ways to manage future use to strike up a healthy balance. 


  • Guided Anxiety and Stress Busting Workshops /Sessions – these workshops are to help young people understand what anxiety is and learn new tools to manage their anxiety’s before it impacts on their learning and future aspirations. 


  • Parent workshops on “Overcoming Your Child’s Fears and Worries” these sessions are hugely popular. You will learn new ways to understand and engage with your child to help them engage and overcome their fears and anxieties. 


  • TAB also facilitate training sessions for teachers, youth workers and other professionals, some recent training has been around: Counselling Skills for Professionals, Assessment and Session Planning, Adapting to Change – supporting staff to enable young people to adapt to change and increase their resilience.

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