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 2019 to 2020 Summary

Our impact - 2022/2023

How many young people we helped



Clients: 322

Sessions: 2,314

Workshop/group attendees: 1,121

Gym Equipments

Healthy Lifestyles

Clients: 276

Sessions: 1,895

Workshop/group attendees: 1,530

College Recreation


Detached/Street Work: 818

Drop ins: 1,382

Youth Space: 1,062

*Numbers indicate total annual attendance.

Who we helped

Our impact

 75% of our clients completed pre and post engagement questionnaires and we found that:

80% have a greater sense of emotional wellbeing and are less anxious.

75% have improved their aspirations and confidence.

88% who engaged in risky behaviours or self-harm now show increased resilience and participate less in these behaviours.

It was also great to hear that 100% of parents who attended our workshops found them useful!

The issues affecting young people using our services

From analysing our completed assessment forms between 2021-2023 we found that:

4 in 5 struggle to manage their anxiety

1 in 3 struggle with low mood or depression

1 in 5 have panic attacks

2 in 5 struggle with lack of confidence or self-esteem

1 in 4 have experienced suicidal feelings

1 in 13 have attempted suicide or acted on suicidal thoughts

1 in 4 Participate in risky behaviours such as self-harm

1 in 5 have or are experiencing bullying

1 in 5 are struggling to regulate and manage strong emotions such as anger

2 in 5 named family relationships as an issue 

1 in 3 are struggling with education or school dynamics or relationships

Older impact reports

Looking for an older report? You’ll find all our impact reports available to download below.

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