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Cyclist to ride 1,000 miles around Wales to raise £1,000 for The Abingdon Bridge

Sue Robbins is doing a 1,000 mile bike ride around Wales to raise £1,000 for The Abingdon Bridge. We asked Sue why she was doing such an epic ride and she said:

I am excited to be cycling the final section of my 1,000 mile Circumference Of Wales (COW) bike ride in aid of The Abingdon Bridge, a charity dear to my heart.
At the AGM last year, The Abingdon Bridge were looking for 30 people to each raise £1,000, totalling £30,000, to mark their 30th anniversary. This coincided with me planning on finishing the last two of four legs to complete my COW. I plan to finish my ride in April, putting the tail on my COW!
I want to raise £1,000 for TAB, supporting their work with young people: Please will you help me?

You can donate to Sue's fundraising campaign via our donations page: Don't forget to make sure you indicate that you are sponsoring her ride.

Good luck Sue, keep pedalling!



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