August Newsletter

From: The Chair of the Trustees

To: All our Friends

First and foremost, we hope you are keeping well and staying safe in these difficult times.


As you may recall, we were due to have our AGM in June 2020. This was postponed to 22nd September 2020 in the hope that we would be able to proceed as normal by then. As you know, there are still restrictions on public gatherings which mean that we are not able to organise an AGM in the normal way. Like other organisations, the trustees have decided that there will not be an AGM this year due to the limitations arising from the coronavirus.

However, in order to meet the requirements of the Charity Commission, the trustees will be having a Special Meeting via Zoom on Tuesday 15th September 2020 at 19:00. The purpose will be to carry out the formal functions of the AGM including the approval of the minutes of the last AGM; approving the accounts for the last financial year and the election of the Chair.

To keep you informed of these issues, there will be reports on our website providing you with information on our accounts, the number of clients we have seen along with other news.

May I apologise to those of you who have become regular attenders at our AGM in recent years. You will know that we have used this as an opportunity to share with you some anecdotal information about the progress we are making with our clients as well as an indication of future developments. We hope that it will not be too long before we shall be able to do this again.

Some of you will know that when I was re-elected as the Chair of the Trustees at the last AGM, I indicated that whilst this had been a great privilege, this would be my last year as Chair. Since then the trustees have been considering a different procedure which will retain a degree of continuity but also ensure the opportunity for change. In future, the outgoing chair will remain on the Governance Committee of the trustees for a further year whilst the Vice Chair will become the Chair. The newly elected Vice Chair will know that they will become the Chair in the following year. The current Vice Chair is Dr Gill Dean so at the Special Meeting she will be elected as Chair.

Finally, on behalf of all the trustees, may I thank you for your continued interest and support. TAB only thrives because of people like you! Keep well and stay safe.

With every good wish.

Christopher Bryan

Chair of the Trustees