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Amateur swimmers complete ice mile challenge

On the 31st December at 10am wearing only trunks and swim suits, a team of very brave amateur swimmers swam five 'Ice Miles' in water temperatures of just 9 degrees Celsius.

To prepare for their challenge the team trained to acclimatise their bodies to the cold with weekly cold swims and regular cold showers. Swimming in relay Ken Wood, Simon Welsh, Kirsten Blair, Simon Hamlet, Nickellé Hall, Martin Cross and Kelly Brewerton-Webb absolutely smashed the challenge and so we are told enjoyed every second of it!

Their amazing achievement has so far raised over £3,500 for The Abingdon Bridge and Didcot Boxing Academy. You can still donate to their JustGiving page.

However it is not all over yet, due to unforeseen circumstances a member of the team had to pull out at the last minute. Paul Blair, with his undeniable determination will brave his own Ice Mile Swim with the support of his friend Paul Hedges on the 3rd April. We wish both of them the best of luck!



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