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Will's Story

University Student

I had a dream that I would go off to university, meet new friends and get a foot hold within society. My mother was an alcoholic and I had younger siblings. It became clear I was going nowhere; I couldn’t leave my baby sisters. I became depressed and started drinking and misusing drugs. I was at breaking point and I had nowhere to turn. My doctor gave me a TAB leaflet; it sat on my cabinet for two weeks. I finally picked it up after my second suicide attempt. It was soon after I was seeing a counsellor at TAB. They helped me make sense of my anger, and sadness. They also supported me get help for my sisters. They made me see that by drinking and using drugs was masking the pressure and disappointment I was feeling. I now see a brighter future and I know my sisters will be ok as we have other family members helping now. I am hoping to go to Uni in September. Thank you TAB.

*Name and image have been changed to protect identity.

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