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Abingdon Quilt Exhibition to raise charity funds

Abingdon Quilt Exhibition

9-10th April 2022 | 10am – 4pm | £3 entry The Manor Prep School, Shippon, Abingdon, OX13 6LN

Abbey, Fitzharrys, and Barn Quilters are delighted to be holding their postponed exhibition at The Manor Prep School this April. They have a bumper collection of quilts to show you, the fruits of COVID lockdown! They also used their spare time making scrubs, masks and other needed items but had lots of extra time to be creative and keep sewing.

All three groups offer friendly help to new quilters and have regular mini-workshops during their meetings with occasional talks and demonstrations from visiting quilters. Fitzharrys Quilters also have a weekend workshop in the autumn which dedicates more time for tackling bigger projects.

Part of the remit of the quilting groups was to raise funds for charities and we are delighted that the quilting exhibition will be raising much needed funds for The Abingdon Bridge alongside Flexicare.

In addition to a very popular second-hand sales table with a huge range of items from fabric to books, two retail gems from Abingdon will also be in attendance - Masons with their fabulous range of fabrics and Mostly Books with a pop-up craft book shop.

There is also a raffle with great prizes which includes two quilts, a beginner’s sewing machine and a Miele vacuum cleaner. The Textile Tombola returns, in a slightly different format, with bigger and better prizes! There is LOTS more to see: Polly Woolstone, an outstanding Oxford Textile Artist, will provide our Spotlight Exhibition, Fiddle Finger Quilts will have a stand of their fidget quilts for those living with dementia and anxiety. There will be prizewinning Linus Quilts displayed. Finally, our quilters are also great cake makers so you are guaranteed wonderful refreshments - please come and visit us!

For further details about local quilting groups and the Abingdon Quilt Exhibition please contact Judy Harris.

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