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Issy's Story

Girl by the Sea

Issy* aged 15, came to TAB one lunchtime in desperation as she didn't know where else she could get help. Her mother's new partner had started touching her, and making suggestions that she didn't like. She was terrified of being alone with him, especially as her Mum worked nights sometimes.

She'd seen a TAB worker at her school when they did a drugs and alcohol workshop for her year, and had enjoyed talking to them. She also had a friend who'd been to a few counselling sessions at TAB when her relationship with her parents had hit rock bottom. The friend was getting on much better with her parents now.

When she rang the bell at TAB, she had intended to ask for help anonymously, but the person who answered was so sympathetic and understanding, that she broke down and poured the whole story out. Within 2 hours, with TAB's help, her Mum and Grandma were there to support her whilst she told the whole story to an understanding Police Officer. The man was removed from the home by the end of the day. Issy continued to have counselling at TAB during the subsequent court case.

*Name and image have been changed to protect identity

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