What to do whilst you are waiting

OK so you have finally plucked up the courage to reach out for support – Now you have been told you have to wait several weeks. I am sure this feels like a lifetime and can make you feel even more hopeless. Remember you have already started just by reaching out to us. And if you haven't already done so you could see a whole range of information and advice here.

Top five things you can do to help yourself whilst waiting.

  1. Remember feelings always pass – top tip number one (Don’t do this on your own) – buddy up with someone you trust. Have a daily check in with them. Each spend some time telling the other how you are feeling. Who might you ask? It could be a friend, a partner a parent… 

  2. (Safety / Calm) Create a page in notes on your phone or computer. Then think through the things that make you calm or feel safe. This could be a parent, a friend, a partner, an animal; it could even be a place or a memory. Maybe take a picture (what your favourite picture in your album) It’s easy to think nothing makes you feel calm or safe – spend some time thinking about this before you give up. Every time you feel anxious, sad or whatever you might feel go on your page and remind yourself.

  3. Focus on the things you can control! Write down your top three worries or negative thoughts - can you do anything about them or are they out of your control? If you can do something about them create a little plan. What would the wisest person in the world tell you to do? Who is the wisest person in your world? If these worries or thoughts are out of your control, why are you worrying about them? Throw them away or put them in a worry jar. 

  4. Get up and Get out! We often withdraw or isolate ourselves when we are feeling down. This often makes us feel worse. Get up and attack the day – set a mini timetable of your day – it could be to clean your room or go for walk. Break your day down to small steps. Stop overthinking about what might happen in the future and focus on the here and now. What is it you can control or do something about? Set yourself a little daily work out. You can see 15 mins workouts on YouTube. Go on- challenge yourself! 

  5. You have a choice – it may not feel like it, but you do. Notice the things you do have and list a few things you are grateful for. You are unique but many people struggle with their emotional wellbeing. In our experience those who reach out and seek the support are those who generally feel better quicker and develop the skills so they can overcome life challenges. While you are waiting, write down what you think the problem is and what you think needs to happen to make you feel better – Maybe show this to someone you trust or show your counsellor on your first session.