The Unburned Bridge Project

First Growth, a charitable trust, have funded this project which aims to provide and maintain a pathway out of trouble for young people who are engaged in crime and unhealthy lifestyles by means of targeted support and mentoring. There will be:

  • 5 presentations each year in each local state Abingdon secondary school.  The workshops will aim to empower young people to make positive life choices and stay safe within the community.

  • 3 Open Educational Training Workshops on mental health and the link with social media.

  • 200 1:1 ‘healthy lifestyle’ mentoring sessions in Year 1, and 300 in each of years 2 and 3. The vast majority should experience a range of health related benefits and improvements.

  • 3 groups each year around mental health and wellbeing (two of which will be targeted at young women who experience anxiety and a low sense of self worth)

  • A factsheet (created by young people) including a guide to good mental health. This will be promoted using social media and our website.