We have links with all local secondary and independent schools in the Abingdon area. Some use our services and others support us financially. We are all committed to supporting young people and making our local community a safe place to live and work.



Staff at The Abingdon Bridge are available to work in local schools:

  • Workshops for young people on healthy lifestyles, drug abuse and alcohol issues

  • Advice on relationships and the risks of sexual abuse

  • Exam Stress Management

  • Counselling for young people with stress, anxiety or depression

  • Diet and exercise


School Counsellors:

Some schools have a counsellor. The Abingdon Bridge is able to offer networking opportunities for counsellors in schools and provide them with professional support.



Financial Support:

We are very impressed by the willingness of local schools to offer financial support to The Abingdon Bridge, for example by:

  • Sponsored Walks

  • Concerts

  • Charity Days


We also want parents to become involved by encouraging the business where they work to consider becoming a business partner with The Abingdon Bridge

  • Sponsored Events

  • Donations in lieu of Christmas Cards

  • Team Building Activities

  • Adopting The Abingdon Bridge as the Charity of the Year


For further details, contact The Abingdon Bridge: 01235 522375 or email

An Oxfordshire charity which supports young people in challenging circumstances.

Registered Charity Number 1160080

Registered at 19 Bridge Street Abingdon OX14 3HN