Risk Assessment for the planned staged reopening of the Charter

June 11th 2020

Updated August 26th 2020

TAB’s duty is to reduce the risk of contact with Covid-19 to the lowest reasonable practical level.

Measures to be put in place to reduce the risk of harm to staff and clients

  1. Board inside ground floor door with instructions for coming to TAB -clients will be buzzed in as before

  2. Notice on lift-Only 1 person to use at a time. Encourage use of stairs

  3. On 3rd floor notice outside TAB entry stating instructions for coming into TAB as above

  4. Wedge this outer door on 3rd floor open at start of session

  5. Hand sanitiser provided on entering and leaving TAB office on 3rd floor

  6. Footprints or arrows on floor to direct the client to the reception desk

  7. Wedge open inner door for duration of session

  8. A Perspex screen to put on the desk so volunteer is separated from client

  9. Hand sanitiser in waiting area for use if needed

  10. Hand sanitiser in all counselling rooms

  11. Antiseptic spray bottles available in all rooms to use on door handles and surfaces at beginning and end of each session. Paper towels should be in all rooms

  12. 3 chairs in waiting area

  13. Notices in both toilets giving instructions for use

  14. Spare face coverings in container at entrance to TAB

  15. The Charter will be cleaned by a professional company after most working days


Counsellors, Volunteers and Clients

  1. No one should enter the building if they have any symptoms of Covid-19 or if they have been told to self-isolate. No one should enter if one of their household has symptoms of Covid-19 or have been told to self-isolate.

  2. Everyone entering the TAB premises must wear a face covering.

  3. Hand sanitiser should be used on entering and on leaving the premises.

  4. The water dispenser can be used. Antiseptic wipes will be next to this

  5. For all users, no sharing of food. Only bring what you need for that day, both food and drink

  6. Always observe social distancing of 2 metres or if impossible 1 metre with face covering.




  1. All counsellors who wish to use the Charter must indicate that they have read this document and will comply with it. They should come to the Charter early on their first day back to familiarise themselves with the changes in place.

  2. Clients should be offered the option of continuing to work online if that is their preference

  3. Clients should be phoned prior to their first appointment to ensure they only come to TAB if they are healthy and without Covid symptoms or anyone in their household. This includes any members of their household who have been told to self-isolate. Consent for face to face work should be recorded on “Views”

  4. The client should be asked to attend on time and no more than 5 mins early.

  5. The use of a face mask should be discussed with the client-this may become compulsory. See separate protocol on the wearing of a face covering.

  6. The client should be asked to come into the Charter by themselves unless there are exceptional circumstances.

  7. Counsellors should be in their room and the client go straight in

  8. The chairs will be at least 2 metres apart and must not be moved

  9. The door should be opened and closed by the client and then cleaned at the end of the session.

  10. Hand sanitiser should always be available in the room.

  11. Anti-bacterial spray must be used on door handles and any other surfaces that have been touched at the end of the session

  12. All food and drink for the day should be brought to the Charter with no sharing of food allowed.



  1. Use anti-bacterial spray on the desk surface and intercom before and after your shift.

  2. After letting a client into the building go to the outer door (open) and welcome the client. Keep 2 metres distance. The counsellor/youth worker will welcome the client and take them into the allotted room.

  3. Make sure they have read the posters and they use the hand sanitiser

  4. Inner door wedged open as well as outer door for the session only. This door must be closed at the end of the session. In these circumstances’ health measures more important than fire regulations.

  5. The door to their counsellor will be open so direct the client to that room.

  6. If it is imperative that someone accompanying the client wait, then direct them to the waiting area.



  1. They should only come to TAB if they are healthy and without Covid symptoms or anyone in their household. This includes any members of their household who have been told to self-isolate or are in a vulnerable group of people who have been shielding.

  2. Come on time or no more than 5 minutes early

  3. Come alone into the building if possible.

  4. Wear a face covering when you enter the premises.

  5. Use hand sanitiser before and after the session

  6. Discuss with your counsellor about the use of a face mask. See separate protocol on the wearing of a face covering.

  7. Bring your own water if needed

  8. Use anti-bacterial spray as directed if the toilet is used. Wash hands after using the toilet.

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