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Ola Oritesgbone

Ola Oritesgbone


Ola, an experienced and dedicated coach specialising in empowering young people and women, is driven to help them achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives. With nine years of experience in coaching and psychiatric nursing, Ola possesses a profound understanding of the challenges faced by today's youth and women. Her true passion lies in guiding them through these obstacles with confidence and resilience.

Having worked extensively as a Mental Health Nurse across various sectors, including Child and Adolescent Mental Health services, adult services, Prison service, and Looked After children team, Ola has first-hand knowledge of the detrimental effects that unaddressed challenging situations can have on individuals' mental and physical well-being. She is deeply committed to assisting her clients in building self-esteem, developing healthy relationships, and overcoming obstacles.

Ola's coaching approach is rooted in the belief that everyone has the potential for greatness. By taking a holistic view and considering all aspects of her clients' lives, she collaborates with them to create personalised plans that align with their values and goals. Outside of her professional pursuits, Ola is a devoted Christian who values her family greatly. She also finds joy in traveling and exploring new destinations.

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