Policy for face coverings.

8th August

TAB guidelines with respect to the wearing of face coverings when doing face to face work with clients for both staff and clients.

New guidelines from the government on 31st July suggest that the use of face coverings may be appropriate for clients receiving face to face therapy, to ensure the safety of therapist and client. There is no specific government guidance for counselling.


TAB is following the BACP guidelines:



Even though the 1 + metre distance rule is followed at the Charter, due to the prolonged face to face contact, the member of staff and client are at an increased risk of contracting Covid-19. TAB is requesting all members of staff / volunteers wear a face covering when seeing a client face to face. In exceptional circumstances, with the agreement of staff member, client, and manager this may not be enforced. If a staff member has exceptional circumstances they need to inform their client prior to the session starting.


TAB is requesting the use of face coverings by all clients receiving face to face support

There are circumstances where wearing a face covering is not appropriate. People are not expected to prove that they are exempt from wearing a face covering.

There are exemptions for wearing a face covering including:

  • If wearing one causes the client severe distress

  • If the client is unable to wear a face covering due to physical or mental health impairment.

  • If the masks is stopping them engaging with the therapeutic process (this can then be explored with the staff member).

The staff member must agree if an exception is to be applied to a client.


  • At the initial triage call the wearing of face masks will be discussed. If a client wishing to have face to face support refuses to wear a mask (and is not exempt) they will be advised that only online support is available currently.

  • Each staff member or volunteer is responsible to inform and if necessary, remind their clients that masks need to be worn.

  • There is hand sanitizer to be used on entry and spare masks if needed .


This policy will be kept under weekly review.

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