Coronavirus Risk Assessment

January 5th Lockdown
TAB is open and continuing to support young people. We are providing online support as well as face to face support with individuals and groups.

TAB is following the guidance laid out by the National Youth Agency-please see their website for further details This has been developed after discussion with the government.



It is the duty of The Abingdon Bridge (TAB) to reduce the risk of contact with Covid-19 at 3 Market Place to the lowest reasonable practical level.

The following measures are in place to reduce the risk of harm to staff, volunteers, clients, and all visitors. Government guidance has been followed for using the premises.



  1. Notice inside ground floor door with instructions for coming to TAB -clients will be buzzed in outside the outer entrance to TAB.

  2. No one should enter the building if they have any symptoms of Covid-19 or if they have been told to self-isolate. No one should enter if one of their household has symptoms of Covid-19 or have been told to self-isolate.

  3. All visitors, staff and clients should sign in using the QR code or sign in on the written record of the Test and Trace system.

  4. Hand sanitiser should be used on entering and leaving the TAB office. There is a wall mounted dispenser in the lobby just inside the outer door.

  5. All visitors, staff and clients must wear a suitable face covering unless they are exempt.

  6. Spare face coverings are in a container in the entrance lobby.

  7. 2 metre social distancing or 1 metre with additional precautions to be always followed.

  8. Proceed up the stairs to the first-floor reception area. Only one person at a time on each flight of stairs allowed to maintain social distancing.

  9. A Perspex screen is on the reception desk, so the volunteer/receptionist is separated from client/visitor.

  10. Hand sanitiser is provided in waiting area for use if needed.

  11. Hand sanitiser is provided in all counselling rooms.

  12. Antibacterial wipes will be provided in all rooms to use on door handles and surfaces at beginning and end of each session. Paper towels should be in all rooms. 

  13. Waiting Area. Only in exceptional circumstances will parents or friends of a client be allowed to use the waiting area.

  14. All staff, visitors and clients are reminded that they should regularly wash their hands for 20 seconds using the hand wash provided in the toilets. They should dry their hands with the paper towels provided and throw them away into the bins.

How to wash your hands - NHS (

Paper towels ‘much more effective’ at removing viruses than hand dryers | Nursing Times

15. Staff are encouraged to use emollients regularly to protect the skin.

16. The water dispenser can be used by staff. Antiseptic wipes will be next to this.

17. Bins will be emptied daily.

18.Windows should be opened to ensure adequate ventilation unless this is impossible.

19.Non-fire doors should be left open if possible to improve ventilation.

20.Surfaces that are frequently touched will be cleaned frequently using anti-bacterial wipes.

21.Where possible equipment should be used by one person. If not possible the equipment should be wiped between users.

22.The premises will be cleaned by a professional company after every working day.

23.Working schedules will be scrutinised to ensure that numbers of people at 3MP are reduced and social distancing is possible.

24.Most meetings will be conducted using online platforms.

25.If anyone becomes ill at work with a new cough, loss of taste or smell or raised temperature they will be sent home and asked to follow the stay-at-home guidance provided by NHS England.

Stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection - GOV.UK (

26.If advised that a member of staff or visitor develops Covid-19 and recently on TAB premises the manager will contact the Public Health Team to discuss any contacts and take advice and further guidance.

27.If there is a case of Covid-19 in a member of staff or visitor the following guidance will be followed for the cleaning of 3MP

28. The management will promote mental health wellbeing amongst the staff and offer support if needed.

Coronavirus and your wellbeing | Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems

29. The management is taking all reasonable steps to support staff working from home.


Counsellors and Youth Workers

  1. All counsellors and youth workers who wish to use 3 Market Place (3MP) must indicate that they have read this document and will comply with it. They should come to 3MP early on their first day back to familiarise themselves with the arrangements.

  2. These arrangements must be discussed with clients prior to their first appointment to ensure they only come to TAB if they are healthy and without Covid symptoms or anyone in their household. This includes any members of their household who have been told to self-isolate. (Consent for face-to-face work should be recorded on “Views”).

  3. The client should be asked to attend on time and no more than 5 mins early.

  4.  It is mandatory to wear a face covering when entering 3MP unless exempt. 

  5. The client should be asked to come into 3MP by themselves unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  6. The chairs in all the rooms will be at least 2 metres apart and must not be moved.

  7. The door should be opened by the client and cleaned after each session.

  8. All food and drink for the day should be brought to 3MP with no sharing of food allowed.


Help from volunteers is suspended during lockdown.

Update from April 12th


TAB is following the government guidelines and those on National Youth Agency


All staff can work face to face at 3 Market Place. Both staff and client should have read and be in agreement with the risk assessment of 3 Market Place. Online support

is available for clients who wish to continue to use this. Some staff will continue to work online.

Volunteer receptionists can support TAB now.